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Stuart Blake

Stuart Blake

Co-Founder & Managing Director

+61 411 012 701

Strategic Advisory

The Bridge is a leading, trusted boutique consultancy, advising CEO’s, Executives, and their Boards on business opportunities and issues.​

The team draw on their own Board and C-suite experience to develop, co-design and facilitate strategies that can be executed and embedded by the organisation. We are the bridge between strategy and execution, and partner with our clients for the long term.​

Our services include:

  • Board and executive advisory​

  • 360 Degree Review and Maturity Assessment​

  • Strategy development and facilitation ​

  • Transformation programs and supporting business cases​

  • Organisational design ​

  • M&A, partnering and white ​labelling​

  • Commercial performance optimisation​

  • Innovation, AI, and digital

To learn more or to have a chat about Strategic Advisory Services please contact our Practice Lead, Stuart Blake

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360 Degree Review

The Bridge Triple Play and 360 Degree Review

The 360 Degree Review is designed to conduct a fast tracked diagnostic, benchmark and assessment of your organisation. We focus our review on The Bridge Triple Play philosophy - culture, customer and commercials.

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Strategic Advisory

Build enterprise value by focusing on the P&L and key priorities

Create organisational culture by design through purpose and enhancing people experience to attract, develop and retain people

Drive growth through improved customer experiences by understanding the Moments that Matter

Our 350 Degree Review

Our approach includes both quantitative and qualitative diagnostics. This includes stakeholder interviews from senior leadership to frontline, 360 degree questionnaires, analysis of financial performance and review of business plans.


Replay brief and scope, exec summary

  • Interactive and a conversation

  • Clarity on what was asked of us



  • Performance and key trends identified


Cultural review word cloud

  • Key staff feedback

  • Snapshot on what your staff are saying


SWOT Analysis and feedback

  • Discussion on macro SWOT

  • Workshop feedback from Leadership team


Capability and self assessment vs. Bridge assessment

  • Self assessment

  • Bridge assessment including benchmarking assessment

  • Case study


Sharing our root cause


  • Workshop potential next steps on problem statements


Further engagement


  • Bridge assessment on potential fast track key opportunities and problem statements


Wrap up and


  • Final opportunity to discuss outstanding thoughts


The output of the review provides a snapshot and benchmark of performance across our Triple Play of culture, customer and commercials. 

1. Benchmark your organisation against the competition
2. Key themes and word clouds from stakeholder interviews
3. Review of current performance and assessment of operational barriers to achieving strategic goals.

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