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Practice Lead

Ben Coleman

Ben Coleman


The Bridge believes execution and embedment is just as important as the strategy. ​

The practice is pragmatic, effective and 'fit for purpose'. The team has successfully supported multiyear transformation programs and have built long term client relationships. We are the bridge between strategy and execution, building program delivery capability within the organisation for their future program delivery.​

Our Services Include:

  • Program Delivery Health Check ​

  • End to end program delivery​

  • Change management​

  • Risk management and mitigation​

  • Operational embedment ​

  • Program governance and reporting​

  • ePMO framework development​

  • Project SME support​

To learn more or to have a chat about Program Delivery & Embedment services please contact our Practice Lead, Ben Coleman

Routines and Governance

The Bridge Program Routine and Governance

The Bridge Routines

Effective governance routines serve a purpose, but in order to navigate through organisational complexity, they must be flexible and not over-engineered.  We use highly visual routines that fast track initiative delivery by creating an environment of accountability and collaboration. They are quick and focused on progressing practical outcomes.

We've developed our program delivery methodology to ensure it:

  • Connects strategy and BAU activity at all times to optimise integration

  • Avoids rigidity, allowing for adaptability through a pragmatic and collaborative approach

  • Prevents program overload by identifying non-negotiable priorities upfront

  • Makes embedment part of the program to ensure benefits are realised

The Bridge Wall:
A holistic view: balance short-term versus long-term activity.

Weekly stand-up routines of prioritisation, execution and embedment

Operational Embedment
Program Health Check

The Bridge Program Health Check

The Bridge provides a comprehensive assessment (health check) of program delivery performance benchmark against best practice.

Program Delivery Health Check
We provide a comprehensive assessment of program delivery performance bechmarked against best practice.

Operational Embedment

Our Approach and Output

We undertake an end-to-end benchmark review of the program's performance by applying both a qualitative and quantitative assessment. Our approach includes reviewing the delivery framework and supporting artefacts along with a series of targeted interviews with key stakeholders to truly understand pain points and opportunities to lift performance.

Following our benchmark assessment we will provide a comprehensive report rating performance against best practice with detailed recommendations to drive immediate improvement.

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