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The Bridge International
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Practice Lead

david mcdonald

David McDonald

Managing Director & Co Founder

+61 409 094 712

Benchmark Capabilities
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Graeme Brown


Benchmark Capabilities

Our team of practitioners bring decades of learnings internationally in delivering operational and customer programs client side that are shaped through simplicity and focus on what is really important for the business and for its customers.


We start with our Triple Play philosophy and apply the lens of culture, customer & commercials across service delivery channels whether that be digital, voice or face to face. Our practical experience allows us to quickly identify the points of friction through simple customer and operational journey mapping. 


The difference is – we don’t stop there.  We believe the most important moments in service delivery are the ones that separate the good from the great – we truly hone in on the Moments That Matter and how they have been designed and are being executed. 


We believe that the right partnerships, whether it be technology or service delivery partners, can enhance businesses by bringing more skills diversity into an organisation.  However, far too often we have seen organisations working in ways that don’t capitalise on the opportunities.  We bring years of experience and best practice methodologies that help businesses get the most out of their partners and, in doing so, themselves.


We focus on delivering the Moments That Matter, simplifying experiences and working with you and your partners to embed and execute consistently and effectively.

Our Services Include:

For more information regarding our Customer and Operations Services please contact our Practice Lead, David McDonald.

Moments that matter

The Bridge 'Moments That Matter' Customer Journey Mapping

The Bridge Moments that Matter
Program Overview

The Bridge's Moments That Matter customer journey review maps out key customer touch points ​and identifies the Moments That Matter within your service offering. We use our Triple Play philosophy to benchmark culture, customer and commercials.

For All Major Home Appliances

Process workflows

Build enterprise value by focusing on the P&L and key priorities

Create organisational culture by design through purpose and enhancing people experience to attract, develop and retain people

Drive growth through improved customer experiences by understanding the Moments that Matter

Our Approach & Output

Through a series of interviews (internal and with customers) combined with quantitative analysis, our aim is to understand and map out each customer touch point, cost to serve and customer experience. 

Customer Journey
Partnering Program

The Bridge Partnering Review

The Bridge Partnering Review Program

The Bridge has extensive experience in working with complex businesses supported by strategic partnerships, which has resulted in operational expertise in establishing and setting up meaningful and successful relationships, underpinned by trust, support and governance.

Our Partnering Review Program is designed to measure the effectiveness of an operational/ strategic partnership to assess the core elements which make up a best practice partnership.


The Bridge International


Our Approach 

We believe that the right partnerships, whether it be technology or service delivery partners, can enhance businesses by bringing more skills diversity into an organisation.


We benchmark partnerships against our best practice framework on common partnering strengths and pitfalls. We act as an independent voice between you and your partner to provide advice on how to take the partnership from good to great and get the best out of both organisations.

Common Partnering Pitfalls Across the Triple Play

Process workflows


Process workflows


Process workflows


Process workflows

Original business case unclear or not achieved

Lack of clarity and alignment of what ‘good’ looks like

Unclear roles, responsibilities & decision rights

Poor support structure to manage partnership

Lack of joint and agreed plan

Managing partners through contracts


Unclear operating routines and rhythms

Lack of consistency and discipline

Scaling too quickly

Outsourcing poor or broken processes

Lack of benchmark data & competitor tension

Poor training and SME support

Poor QA and customer experience monitoring

Loss of IP / original knowledge through loss of key staff through transition

SLAs and commercial framework driving wrong behaviour

Controlling pace of change

Communication of change and alignment

Lack of investment in people and culture

Treating outsourcer like a supplier not a partner

Lack of leadership sponsorship

Poor escalation processes

One-way performance communication - performance & insights


Our findings will focus on a number of areas which are key to the success of a partnership. These include:


  • Partnership health benchmark including interview word clouds

  • Benchmark performance against common partnering pitfalls

  • Industry rating on partnership effectiveness

  • Series of recommendations identified to strengthen partnership

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