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There’s a reason culture is the first part of our Triple Play. Culture is what sets the tone. It’s what people feel when they work for an organisation or deal with them as customers. A thriving culture in which people feel supported, empowered and valued can make up for a lot of shortfalls elsewhere. Conversely, a culture lacking in accountability, integrity and transparency can lead to serious issues and undesired behaviours.

For All Major Home Appliances

Business Advisory

Build enterprise value by focusing on the P&L and key priorities

Create organisational culture by design through purpose and enhancing people experience to attract, develop and retain people

Drive growth through improved customer experiences by understanding the Moments that Matter


Once we’ve worked through the brief and timing, we’ll collaborate with you and your team to collate a snapshot of qualitative and quantitative insights across your business. Ultimately, we’ll provide you with a report with our observations and recommendations on how to move forward.



Maturity assessment and 

current state analysis


Program Transformation

Prioritised program effort across identified areas in discovery/maturity assessment

Three Horizons to enable quick wins across culture, customer and commercial immediately.



Embedding change and handing charge over to business, building capability in the organisation to successfully industrialise change.



Provide check in and advisory support on Steering Committee group to support and monitor change impact.


The Bridge has delivered sustained change across culture customer and commercials. We have a track record of co-designing and embedding strategy, operating models, and customer value propositions that help that help transform and embed long term change for our partners.

Business Advisory
Business Advisory

Cultural & Operational Transformation $19b Government Department

Business Advisory

Disruptive Breakout Strategy for one of Australia's leading Financial Service brands

Business Advisory

Market Review for Top 4 Australian brand

Business Advisory

Growth Strategy for leading Australian retail brand

Five Year Strategy and Roadmap for CEO, Group Executive and Board

App Strategy and Implementation leading National Brand

Business Advisory

Industry Benchmark

Business Advisory

Growth Strategy delivered to Board

Business Advisory
Business Advisory

One Team Strategy for Global Financial Service Company

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