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Changing the way healthcare is delivered, simplifying and transforming patient experience and care

During COVID-19, The Bridge International grew its consultancy services within the healthcare industry. Already complex in nature, the industry faces new and immediate challenges with the rapid acceleration of change driven by the pandemic.

We offer support to healthcare leaders facing these challenges and transforming organisations. As operational experts we help healthcare providers improve the patient experience and care, by bridging strategy and optimising the way healthcare is delivered.

The events over the past 18 months have been significant; the toll COVID-19 has put on the economy, mental health and how people live has been far greater than we ever thought was possible.

The virus has changed not only people what seek support for, but also how they interact and what they expect from healthcare providers. At the height of the pandemic in Victoria, GP consultations (face to face) were 58% lower compared to prior year. While Telehealth consultations make up some of shortfall (and continues to grow), a gap exists and this is going to affect not just the patients who are not seeking care, but also the industry.

As healthcare undergoes a significant shift in the clinical delivery method and use of services, the overall industry is having to rapidly evolve its technology for client access and focus on overall commercial sustainability.

What started as temporary measures and behaviours will become more and more permanent as time passes. With revenue declines due to lower telehealth rebates and a reduction in the number of consultations, the industry must adapt and review cost bases in order to remain commercially viable.

As reported recently in the Sun-Herald, John Brogden, Lifeline Chairman, stated: “the demand for Lifeline services in NSW was 10% higher in July than a year ago and 29% higher than 2019, before COVID 19". We are proud supporters of Lifeline and the invaluable work they do and have supported them to strengthen their Sydney operations since the beginning of the pandemic.

Trending challenges in healthcare:

  • Significant increase in mental health support for all ages

  • Processes and procedures tested whilst operating through telehealth

  • Limited technology and lacking integration leading to inefficiency in the workplace

  • Rising costs relative to income

  • Revenue impacts of changes in delivery model and associated funding

  • A lack of insights and measures to understand performance of the business

  • Managing large decentralised remote workforces

  • Access to skilled staff (both clinical and operational)

  • Integration with changing government systems and processes

Many healthcare organisations are looking to transform their business, but find it difficult to resource both the change effort and the delivery of today's services.

At The Bridge, we work with organisations to not only respond to the current environment, but recognise the opportunity to build the future. Technology as an enabler of the right process can not only reduce cost, but improve patient experience and outcomes. As an example, embracing telehealth is not only essential during lockdown, but can provide real options for remote and vulnerable people to access support.

We specialise in organisational design, transformation and data analytics for value based healthcare. Our network of associate consultants enables us to match experience and capability with our clients' needs.

Our experience across complex and highly regulated industries allows us to view healthcare differently. We focus on meeting the changing needs of patients - how they access and use services - and create the space for the medical experts to deliver the right care at the right time. Applying our Triple Play methodology ensures the right balance across culture, patient and commercial outcomes.

We've seen clear trends across our engagements and our most requested services including:

We offer an extended range of services and expertise for healthcare including strategic advisory, people and culture, commercial, insights and reporting, operations, customer, health marketing , digital operations, technology and program delivery.

David McDonald, Managing Director The Bridge International is presenting at “Innovation on the back of recovery” for Day Hospitals Australia on the 8th to 10th September 2021. Please join David and other healthcare professionals to discuss the importance of transformation in the sector. Provisional Program (

If you are a leader looking to transform and improve patient care, but not sure how to approach it or struggling to get traction, please reach out to our team for an introductory discussion.


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