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CASE STUDY: Large Scale Operational Transformation

The Bridge was engaged to transform a large-scale insurance operation that was experiencing significant challenges. As with many customer facing operations, stakeholders were expecting improved performance at less cost, all while still dealing with increased competitor and customer expectations.

After completing our 360 Degree Review, which ensures a deep diagnosis of the challenges, opportunities, and root cause analysis, we were able to align

with internal stakeholders and specialists to co-create a detailed change program.

Change Platform

The initial phase focused on stabilisation and quick wins to enable a solid platform for change. Later phases focused on customer excellence at scale through our Moments That Matter, ensuring key pain points were addressed.

As is almost always the case, customer pain points were due to bad customer processes. A laser like focus to eradicate this led to an improvement in customer experience and reduction in cost by implementing and optimising efficient processes and practices.

Program Deliverables

The program delivered significant improvements across a number of performance areas:

  • A material improvement in financial performance including a 30% reduction in operational costs

  • A significant improvement in customer Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 25pts

  • Introduction of a First Contact Resolution NPS and upskilling that resulted in a 20% improvement

  • An innovative training and development program across hundreds of leaders leading to a 20pt uplift in employee Net Promoter Score

  • A 20% improvement in compliance outcomes

  • A 95% quality adherence outcome exceeding previous benchmarks

Program Structure

This was achieved by ruthlessly prioritising critical elements and, importantly, pausing non-essential work and ensuring all stakeholders were involved, informed and aligned.

The program ran multiple streams of work for 12 months with cross functional teams consisting of representatives from The Bridge, business sponsors and key partners. Applying The Bridge’s 'hands on' program delivery methodology, which includes rapid initiative co- design and embedment, ensured sustainable change and results.

​Leadership and operating rhythms

​People and capability

​Workflow and productivity

​KPIs and reporting

This stream defined and implemented consistent operating rhythms and charters across the program and into operations at all levels focusing on tight operational management to improve the effectiveness of the operations.

​Focusing on capability growth and knowledge retention, each aspect was redesigned or updated to enhance performance including recruitment, onboarding, coaching and ongoing development, leadership disciplines and practices

​This stream drove improvements in systems, processes and workflows to support consistently positive customer outcomes

​What gets measured, gets managed. This stream served to define the KPIs that really matter and to increase the visibility of performance by introducing a suite of new reports.

At The Bridge, we not only identifying the root causes of key challenges within an organisation, but also helping to build the plan that addresses them – and seeing that through to true embedment where desired results are achieved by genuinely changing ‘the way things are done around here’ for the better.

To learn more or have a chat about how we might be able to help your business, please get in touch


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