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Case Study: ePMO Transformation Program

An Australian State Government Department engaged The Bridge International to review and assess its ePMO function with a view to improve its initiative design capability, speed of execution and quality of embedment to drive sustained uplift in performance.

In order to assess current capabilities, we benchmarked the organisations' ePMO function against best practice methodology including: The Bridge Program Routines and Governance approach, key accountabilities and capabilities, risk management and governance.

Program Deliverables

The program delivered significant improvements across a number of performance areas:​

​Project disciplines that allowed for agility and speed of execution

  • ​Agile delivery Framework

  • Delivery stage gates

  • Project health Checks and Assessment

  • Project benefits & benefits Realisation

  • Change process & change request process

  • Project estimation

  • Business case design

  • Project scheduling

  • Systems review – (benchmark paper and requirements)

  • ePMO aspirations – Why What & How

  • ePMO operating model (input into accountabilities)

​Streamlined routines that created business alignment, transparency and speed of decision making

  • ​Project steering committee routines

  • Monthly project financial routines

  • Sponsorship & steering committees

​Role design & capability to drive rapid initiative co design

  • ​Project delivery team soft skills capabilities

  • Project delivery roles & responsibilities

  • Change delivery roles & responsibilities

  • People & capability uplift

  • Capability framework and handbook

  • Project steering committee routines

​Governance framework that ensured quality of project execution

  • ​Delivery plan and risk mitigation

  • Visualisation board

  • Embedment plan & schedule

The adoption of these improvement areas has allowed the ePMO function to progress its capability to support the organisations complex pipeline of activity, through rapid initiative design and quality of execution.

At The Bridge, we pride ourselves on not only identifying the root causes of key challenges within an organisation, but also helping to build the plan that addresses them – and seeing that through to true embedment where desired results are achieved by genuinely changing ‘the way things are done around here’ for the better.

To learn more or have a chat about how we might be able to help your business, please get in touch or contact our Practice Lead Program & Delivery Enablement Ben Coleman


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