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Case Study: Changing the way healthcare is delivered

The delivery of healthcare is undergoing a rapid transformation driven by the pandemic, changing client expectations and trends around how people access services.

The Bridge International is currently working with an independent healthcare provider which is looking to transform its model of care from a traditional provider to one in which is centred around virtual healthcare providing clients with better access to services when and where they need them.

The Moments that Matter

The initial phase focused on stabilisation and quick wins to enable a solid platform for change. Later phases focused on customer excellence at scale through our Moments That Matter, ensuring key pain points were addressed.

To transform the model of care the start point is the existing client journey. Through a series of structured interviews with both clients and team members we mapped the existing client journey. In a re-design its important not to get just get hung up on an endless list of defects which if followed will only lead to incremental change but rather start from a position of re-imaging a new way of operating through focusing in on solving for the moments that matter for clients.

Identified Client Journies

When designing a journey we design for clients who know what they want and when they want it as well as for those who may need some assistance or guidance. The Bridge identified 3 key personas of client needs, the design process was centred around these personas.

Rapid Design

Following the principles of co-design we ran a 2 week intensive design studio to re-imagine the models of care with a small group of key individuals representing strategy, medical and risk. The team was tasked with ownership and decision rights over the future state and structure of the business. The key here is to get to the right level of depth in process to form an actionable plan.

Key Deliverables of Design solution

Operating Model Design – design the future state operating model of the health business, role and responsibilities of moving from a clinically based busienss to virtual.

​Process Design – developed client journey maps from initialenquiry, pre assessment information to in clinic processes. We reimagined the patient journey from start to finish to create a more efficient and effective process for our client and their patients.

Workflow, productivity and cost savings – this stream drove improvements in systems, processes and workflows to support consistently positive customer outcomes

​Digital Solution design and principles – designed future state technology requirements to enable virtual health platform. Included key requirements enabling the business to seek technology vendors to support the transformation.

Program management and governance - Most organisations struggle with the effective implementation of the plan. How do you continue to deliver services today whist executing on the future? That’s where we can play a critical role of providing the resource, dedicated focus and structure to deliver change without disrupting the delivery of service in the moment or business as usual operations. How – effective governance, a clear plan and decision rights.

To learn more about effective program management and governance, please click here

At The Bridge, we pride ourselves on not only identifying the root causes of key challenges within an organisation, but also helping to build the plan that addresses them – and seeing that through to true embedment where desired results are achieved by genuinely changing ‘the way things are done around here’ for the better.

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