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Partner & Culture, Leadership & HR

Maria is a leading HR executive and registered psychologist with a career spanning corporate change including people and culture, organisational design, training and leadership program. She has consulted to CEO’s and group executive including Qantas, Westpac and IAG

Maria has lead a number of cultural change initiatives, including rollout of success culture frameworks (strategic planning, redefining purpose, values and behaviours executive team alignment and coaching) across a number of organisations. She has lead network wide behavioural change and capability uplift programs within the insurance industry. She has also successfully rolled out talent development programs and has positively impacted engagement in the organisations she has partnered with. In recent years, Maria was the Lead Program facilitator, partnering with Qantas Group on its AHRI award winning Senior Leader Development Program.

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Maria is a registered Psychologist and brings her knowledge of people and behaviour, coupled with her business acumen, and extensive organisational development experience to her relationships with clients. This translates into gaining a deep and fast understanding of needs and developing insight-driven solutions that make a difference. Maria is an expert coach and facilitator.

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Culture, Leadership and People

Maria believes that an organisation’s success rests on a culture that creates an environment where people feel they belong and are set up to fulfil their potential to deliver performance outcomes, creating great customer experiences that ultimately bring value to the organisation. She is passionate about the positive influence that leaders have in creating this environment and is driven to see people thrive in their roles and transition through change with resilience.

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Right person, right seat

Maria is driven to help organisations achieve the “right person in the right seat.” This means having clarity on purpose, values and behaviours so that you can attract and keep aligned people (the right person) and follow this by ensuring operational structure, roles, and people development are effective, lifting people to deliver on their responsibilities (right seat).

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