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Graeme is a seasoned claims executive with over 20 years of experience across top brands. He excels in strategic planning, operational efficiency, and driving transformative change. Graeme's expertise lies in setting clear strategic direction, building high-performing teams, and fostering stakeholder relationships.

Graeme is a highly accomplished claims executive with a career spanning over 20 years. Throughout his professional journey, Graeme has held key leadership positions in brands such as Suncorp, AAMI, BT/Westpac, and Wesfarmers Insurance. His extensive experience and credentials in three ASX top 20 organisations have solidified his reputation as a seasoned industry professional.

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Extensive Claims Expertise

A proven track record in the insurance industry. With leadership roles at Suncorp, Wesfarmers Insurance, and BT Financial Group, Graeme excels in driving operational transformation, customer-centricity, and profitability. He has successfully led nationwide business transformations, implemented automation, and achieved operational excellence. Graeme's expertise extends to managing regulatory compliance, overseeing shared services operations, and driving growth in niche insurance brands.

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Led Multiple Claims Transformation

Graeme successfully led a nationwide business transformation in motor claims operations, implementing automation and digitization measures that resulted in a 20% reduction in operating expenses (OPEX) and streamlined processes. He also showcased his exceptional management skills by efficiently handling one of the largest-ever hail claims responses, exceeding market commitments and achieving operational excellence.

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Broader Industry Experience

Spearheaded operational and technology transformations, including the establishment of a dedicated contact centre with a "one-stop shop" approach, resulting in improved customer satisfaction, engagement, and first-call resolutions.

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