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Company Overview

The Bridge International is a non-traditional management consulting practice established six years ago based in Australia, New Zealand and North America with deep client-side experience.


We operate across multiple sectors from financial services, energy, retail and government including start-ups and not for profits.


We pride ourselves on being practitioners: successful executives and subject matter experts who have worked in business, rather than career consultants.


It’s our experience combined with our team’s varied backgrounds that brings diversity of expertise and insight, which helps us ensure our approach is always fit for purpose, agile and pragmatic, delivering real solutions that translate into action.

Our Bridge Triple Play Philosophy ensures that you always get the whole picture – culture, customer and commercials.


We know the power of executional excellence and true embedment. We don’t just hand

over our findings and walk away, we deliver executional plans that drive sustained value.

Build enterprise value by focusing on the P&L and key priorities

YBI triple play main.png

Create organisational culture by design through purpose and enhancing people experience to attract, develop and retain people

Drive growth through improved customer experiences by understanding the Moments that Matter


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Managing Director & Co Founder

Stuart Blake Headshot

Managing Director & Co Founder

david mcdonald_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Partner &


Sara 2_edited.png

Partner &


Stuart Brown_edited_edited_edited.jpg


Partner and CFO

Partner, Culture, Leadership & HR

MS pic white background.jpg

Partner; Brand, Marketing & Digital

Lewis - revised_edited_edited_edited.png

Partner; Chief Strategy & Transformation Officer

Ben Coleman Headshot


Partner and CFO

Board Director

Cropped Chloe_edited.png

Associates and Consultants

The Bridge has a large network of Associates and Consultants who have deep business experience and range from Chief Executives, Chief Operating Officers, General Managers to Specialists. We match experience and capability with the client’s needs to ensure the right fit and fast-tracked outcomes.

Our Team

We have worked for and consulted to iconic brands locally and internationally with a track record of long-term trusted relationships, both in the financial services industry and beyond.

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Screenshot 2023-09-06 at 6.48.20 pm.png
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Our Services
  • Strategic planning & proposition

  • Organisational design

  • 360-degree review 

  • Board and executive advisory

  • White labelling and disruption

  • Integration & acquisition programs

  • M&A Agreements

  • Operational transformation & change programs

  • Digital & technology solutions

  • ‘Moments That Matter’ customer journey mapping

  • Process workflows and mapping

  • Customer & process workflows

  • Benchmarked capabilities

  • Channel optimisation

  • Digital innovation & migration

  • P&L deep dives

  • Channel economics

  • Pricing and commericial  recommendations

  • Vendor and partner recommendations

  • Cost optimisation reviews

  • KPI and report hierarchy review

  • Report design & implementation

  • Cultural review and
    change programs

  • Leadership assessment
    and development

  • Leadership coaching, metoring and advisory

  • First line risk programs

  • Risk maturity health check

  • Risk and culture
    alignment review

  • Internal communication strategies

  • Brand & marketing heath check

  • Brand blueprint & customer insights review

  • Segmentation, CVP development & go-to-market strategies

  • Loyalty review & strategy

  • Integrated communication and media strategies

  • Marketing operations, partnering, automation, AI, and martech

  • Performance marketing

  • Marketing analytics and reporting

  • Future state operating model design and capability uplift

  • End to end program delivery

  • Agile program management disciplines

  • Program Health Check

  • Operational Embedment

  • Program governance

  • ePMO development

Point of differenc
TBI Gradient 2_edited.png

The Bridge has disrupted the market by consistently providing leading industry talent at

more competitive rates compared to traditional firms. We have deliberately structured our lowcost model to add greater value to clients.

Better quality, better outcomes, faster results

The Bridge has delivered sustained change across culture, customer and commercials.


We have a track record of co-designing and embedding strategy, operating models, and customer value propositions that help transform and embed long term change for our partners.

Cultural & operational transformation: $19B Government Department

Disruptive breakout strategy for a leading financial services brand

Market review for top-4 Australia brand

Growth strategy for leading Australian retail brand

Five-year strategy & roadmap for CEO, group executive & board

App strategy & implementation for leading national brand

Industry benchmark

Growth strategy delivered to Board

One-team strategy for global financial services company

relevant engagements

An alternative, innovative and non-traditional approach: the bridge between strategy and execution.

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